Meet our Joint Care Home Managers

We would like to introduce you to our Joint care home managers Janet Beech and Teresa Moore

She effectively allocated staff and resources to implement healthcare strategies, providing for the care, welfare, and safety of all patients at the highest possible standards. As a collaborative communicator she was focused on building rapport with patients and families, and promoting cooperation between internal and external providers to drive positive change and comprehensive treatment programs.

Janet has over 37 years experience as a registered nurse and started working for the NHS in 1978. She managed a staff team of 120 in the areas of clinical hub, end of life, advanced nurse practitioners, rehabilitation support workers and learning disability services, serving the adult residents of North Staffordshire.

Some of Janets many key accomplishments are that she previously maintained CQC compliance. Ensuring that high standards of safety, care and responsiveness were met or exceeded and supported her previous home and bought it to optimum standards.

Janet is a very welcome addition to Trentham House Care Home.

Teresa Moore has the joint Trentham House Care Home Manager has over 30 years of working with all ages of adults from the acute setting, the community care setting, she has over 8 years care home experience at management level within the company. Extensive experience as a Clinical lead in various community care setting overseeing clinical needs for the local population. Within her roles she has worked in partnership with other professionals e.g., Health and the Local Authority.
Teresa prides herself on effective and excellent communication skills. She has completed a leadership degree module and prides herself on the leadership qualities she has gained over the last 30 years in Nursing at all levels.
She has the ability to work in a way which reflects the care home ethos. Also, the ability to develop and promote positive working relationships with the individual’s being supported at Trentham House, their carers and the wider professional colleagues. Teresa strongly believes in Equal opportunities and a anti – oppressive practice. And as the ability to work under pressure while recognizing it in self and others she works with.
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